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Today, when visual content is blowing up the internet, everyone, who buys a smartphone with good camera, get high resolution photo, where a user can see every little detail. Sometimes, after completing short course people try to photograph their products.

However, the demand for professional photographers is increasing. Why?

This era gives plenty of opportunities for business solutions. This situation increases a need of delivering high-quality visual content to "starve" a customer and so lead in product purchase.

Good example of this can be seen during a purchase in commercial networks: when several suppliers offer an item with a similar / identical price and the same reputation. How to choose? Where to buy? Intuitively, user approaches to the "best-looking" product, that made the most positive impression on the buyer.

My role as a photographer is to inspire interest, attract attention and promote your business.

I have a two-year professional photography course at WIZO College.

I work as photographer in all spheres of advertising (commercial photography): Industry - processes and spaces, product, architecture, corporate, headshot, atmosphere, conceptual.

Also I can propose  to my customer an impotent added value in professional domain. I have gained an experience in the fields of production process and quality assurance.

I know manufacturing plants of various spheres and can recommend to the customer how the plant can be served from its more attractive side in terms of visual content.

My awareness to quality assistance knowledge is  very important. Satisfied customer is a customer who returns and brings new customers with him. Understanding of customer requirements and adapting work to its - this is also part of the quality field.

Along with the domain of advertising, I also photograph other things: portrait photography, which also includes beauty and family photography, journalism, art shows and others.

Plus, I lead courses, tutorials, workshops - I'd like to share my knowledge in a sphere I like so much.

I am interested in relationships with

- Marketing and training managers at companies and enterprises

- Self-employed professionals need visual content:

Graphic and interior designers, architects, chefs, event designers, jewellers and more

- Business and public persons, who are interested in promotional corporate photography

- Anyone looking for a professional photographer for professional work.

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